iOS 8 Gorgeous Feature – Credit Card Scans Using iPhone’s Camera

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We all know how annoying it is to provide our credit card information all the time when we want to buy something online. However, we can use the autofill addon, with which we can save our credit card details, but there is a high risk and this information might get in the hands of some hackers.

9to5Mac website said that Apple iOS 8 brings some new features to Safari web browser and a new camera application. With your iPhone camera application you can “scan” your credit card. iOS 8 will then recognize your credit card number, your name and the expiration date using an optical character recognition. After that, it delivers the data to your Safari browser as a text.

Then, Safari uses the data and fills the credit card form for you. Whenever you will have to enter your credit card information, a new window will pop-out suggesting you to scan your credit card using the iOS 8 camera application.

This new feature is supposed to work on any kind of website, because it’s a built-in feature of iOS 8 and Safari, and it’s not supposed to work only for a specific website.

This new great feature should come in handy for all the users who use online payments. Even if it’s not very know yet, like PayPal or Google Wallet, a lot of users still use it to pay after they provide their credit card information to the website they buy from, and we assure you that those users will most likely like this feature.

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