iOS 8 Beta Download Now Available – Top New Features

A new beta version of the operating system was launched by Apple and it has termed iOS 8 as an ultimate game changer. Here, we will explore some of the key features of this operating system.

Interactive Notifications

For too long, Apple users have complained of the lack of interactive notifications. This time the developers have responded to the demands as iOS 8 will allow you to have an interactive notification panel. With this new notification panel, you can reply directly from the panel to the texts and even push messages without switching apps.

This is an innovative feature and is surely going to improve a lot of problems. Closing the existing app merely for the sake of replying to a message is cumbersome. With this new notification panel, users can have an extra layer of liberty.

Better Keyboard

If you were tired of the same old keyboard being offered by Apple, you finally have something new and exciting to look forward to. Quick type is a new addition to the feature list and it is better than autocorrect. It gives you the option to pick from more than a couple of choices.

Further, there is an option for third-party keyboards as well. With third-party keyboard, we are definitely going to see a lot of customization and modification and it might revolutionize the way we have been using the keyboard so far.

Siri Upgrades

When we are talking about an OS launch, we just can’t miss out Siri. Siri has been the talking point as it really does act like your own personal assistant.

With a command called “Hey Siri”, Siri will actually start responding to your voice commands. It is more than another voice activated command, as you can make smarter use of the new features which Siri will offer you. It will make it easier to operate your device, hands free.

Default Apps Improvements

Apple is not willing to take any chances whatsoever with its new OS. It will show some remarkable signs of improvement and will actually bring in the changes for its default apps as well. iOS 7 was remarkable in various ways as it brought in some significant changes. iOS 8 is going to take it a step further with several refinements to the existing design so that one can have smarter features.

Development Kits – Health Kit & Smart Home Framework

Be prepared to be impressed. Gone are the days when you needed exclusive medical gadgets for checking your blood pressure and heart rate. With the new health kit by Apple, you will be able to do all of it on your iPhone itself.

Not only this, you also have a home kit framework that will allow you to control all the devices with your phone. Further, you can trigger all these actions by simply giving commands to Siri.

It is needless to add that iOS 8 looks to be one of the smartest operating system so far.

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