HTC One M8 vs Blackberry Z30 – Camera Comparison

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HTC created quite a stir when it launched HTC One M8 as it is one of the smartest models by the phone manufacturer. Though, Blackberry has lost its luster and the mark it used to have, still Blackberry Z30 is a smart launch by them. Here, we will compare both these models with special emphasis on the camera offered by both of them.

The HTC One M8

With 5 inches super LCD3 capacitive touch screen, this phone by HTC seems to have some smart specifications. The processor is brilliant with 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 80.1. It comes with an extensive storage, with an internal memory of 32 GB which means that you can easily store your media files in it with ease.However, the talking point here is the camera configuration.

The Camera of HTC One M8

If you believe the camera to lack the right quality because it has a rating of 4 megapixels, you will be wrong to do so. The main reason is the fact that HTC One M8 features an ultra megapixel sensor that gives you much better clarity than what you could ask for.

Owing to the ultra pixel sensor, the camera will be able to capture a lot more light and thus the clarity of the pictures definitely increases by leaps and bounds. It has a duo camera set up as the other camera scans your picture and also adds the right depth. Owing to this arrangement, the pictures are much more improved and bear an exceptional quality. This model by HTC really does make the photographers happy.

The shutter speed is amazing and the auto focus feature works quite brilliantly too. It also has the much loved simultaneous image and video recording facility. For those who love an even greater clarity, you can definitely use the HDR mode.

The Blackberry Z30- What Makes It Such A Powerful Choice?

This model with 5 inches super AMOLED screen comes packed with some of the most impressive specifications as far as the camera is concerned. The rear facing camera has a resolution of 8 MP. It also comes with some impressive features like auto focus and image stabilization. Further, you also have a 5x digital zoom feature which means that you can easily zoom in the pictures and capture the finest shots.

Even when you are taking pictures in low light, the back illumination is such that you will be able to take some extremely clear shots. The shutter speed is average and could only have been slightly better. You have different types of shooting modes that you can use for the sake of taking pictures in different styles.

Hence, both these models offer a good choice in terms of camera performance. You will be able to click some of the best shots with either of these models and you can check other features to choose the model you wish to buy.

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