How Different is Subway Surfers from Temple Run and Minion Rush?

Subway Surfers is an endless running game that has managed to make a name for its own and not just as a shadow of Temple Run, which is the pioneer of this genre.

It’s due to the colorful graphics and inviting sound effects of the free game which Temple Run lacks that makes Subway Surfers more popular to players of all ages. Subway Surfers is most appealing to children and everyone who wants a more relaxed setting than Temple Run’s dank-looking ruins. The characters of these two apps are also very different from each other. If the character of Temple Run is a full-grown man, the character in Subway Surfers is a mischievous teenager.

Minion Rush

Minion Rush is another endless running game that relates more with Subway Surfers. For one thing, they both have vibrant graphics and come with appealing music. Minion Rush also attracts younger players, especially those who are fans of the movie Despicable Me, which is what Minion Rush is based on. On the other hand, if you have not watched the game or simply not a fan of games like Minion Rush that’s obviously meant for younger people, Minion Rush is not the kind of game for you.

Subway Surfers in the Middle of Temple Run and Minion Rush

This leads us back to Subway Surfers. Needless to say, Subway Surfers is somewhere between Temple Run and Minion Rush. It’s not as serious-looking as Temple Run, nor is it as childish as Minion Rush. The three games share the same gameplay and objectives. They have you, the characters, running endlessly, all the while collecting coins or bananas. There are also power-ups to be collected which give you boosts in your run. You can also choose in-app purchases to have a better chance of getting high scores. Subway Surfers is not really forcing you to make in-app purchases because the coins you collected are enough to upgrade the power-ups. So it’s all a matter of getting more coins in Subway Surfers.

Tricks to Score Higher

Fortunately, there are several Subway Surfers tricks that can help you score higher in the game and collect more coins. These tricks can be found in the internet and Subway Surfers fans have been using them to help them get on top of the scoreboard. If you wish to beat your friends on the scoreboard and get the bragging rights, do these tricks to improve your Subway Surfers game.

Use These Tricks

One of the most used tricks is being able to jump higher. Using a jetpack, which is a power-up, you can jump high and land on a train. You will need the perfect timing to do this because you can only activate the trick as the jetpack runs out of its power. Other tricks allow you to run backwards with the use of a Mega Headstart power-up while other tricks include; avoiding death, get free board, the ability to double your collect coins, and how to get limited items that are no longer available. All tricks require practice before you can perfect them.

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