How Can Free Antivirus Benefit You?

Virus and malware problems are growing, not only for computers but also for smartphones.

As the internet access continues to spread from desktops to handheld devices and smartphones, the menace of viruses and Trojans is also on the rise. This has become a great cause for concern in the modern world as a large number of monetary transactions, financial transfers, selling and buying and other deals take place over the internet today. Therefore, a virus attack is a serious threat to millions of Internet users. Hence it is imperative that they should be protected against malware intrusion or hacking attacks with the help of suitable and effective free antivirus.

It’s a Necessity

Malware protection is no longer a choice, but a necessity for every person who uses a smartphone and accesses the Internet. Viruses are not only a threat to an individual or a company’s privacy, but also to the user’s private information. Thus, for security reasons, many types of free antivirus software are now available for download from app stores to allow people to secure their phones from external attacks. A few features of these free antivirus software are described below.

Free Antivirus Features

  • They provide active protection against viruses and malware which might affect your smartphone while browsing the Internet or reading your mails and might get auto downloaded on your phone and create havoc with it.
  • They keep your phone safe from attacks by scanning it regularly and frequently for viruses. If any infected files are found, they scan them, remove the virus or simply delete the file so that the infection is rendered invalid.
  • They provide protection while browsing websites that might have deadly viruses and Trojans by blocking such websites from being opened. Thus, they ensure enhanced protection for your device. In the era when Internet use is so rampant, fake websites having virulent content are a common ploy through which attackers gain access to your data.
  • The free antivirus software provide protection against external viruses by scanning files which are transferred from other devices via Bluetooth, USB, Infrared or a data card. These files, especially the ones that are transferred over Wi-Fi, are often the most susceptible for virus attacks and these anti-viruses protect the device from such malicious elements.
  • Some free antivirus software also have built-in locator facility which allows the person to locate his phone in case of loss or theft. The same facility also allows the user to remotely destroy the contents of the phone if the phone has been lost or stolen and it contains confidential and highly private data.
  • The free antivirus software programs are highly advanced in detecting viruses and protecting any malware activity. Regular updates are made to the software which ensures protection against a vast range of viruses. Hence, updating the software once it has been installed is very important.

So, as it is evident from the list of benefits, free antivirus software are highly useful in today’s era of mobile communication and must be installed on every smartphone for ensuring that privacy is not compromised at any point.

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