GTA Vice City for Smartphones: Hit and Run on iOS and Android

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The Vice City of GTA or Grand Theft Auto game takes you back to the 1980s. It is the story of a man rising to the top of the criminal heap. Vice City is a big urban city, having the glitz and the ghetto, the beach and the swamps, making it one of the most alive digital cities ever. The game play is an open world type and the narration is character driven.

The player arrives in a town full of delights as well as degradation. He has the option to take over the city in the way he wishes to. All players who have played the game must be familiar with the music and style of the 80s. The game is actually a fictional representation of the city of Miami.

You will need at least a free space of 1.5 GB to download and install this game on your mobile device. The game is available in the Android Marketplace and the App Store for around $5. The game is exactly the same as the PS2 game, but comes with improved graphics and, of course, with a touch interface for the mobile platform.

Android users will be pleased to know that the game version supports Gamepad. The price is also very affordable and it is a universal iOS application, which will make it functional on all the iOS platforms. The game will be supported by iPad 1 and 2; iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and the iPod Touch fourth generation as well. It will also be supported by various Android smartphones.

Enhancement for Mobile Platforms

While celebrating the tenth anniversary of its classic Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Rockstar Games released the game for mobile versions in the year 2012. The game initially hit the shelves in 2002 and in 2012 it became available for various mobile platforms, including Android and iOS devices.

The graphics are of a high resolution and several other enhancements have also been made to adapt to the mobile platform. The mobile version supports several other languages apart from English, such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian among others. War Drum Studios developed the mobile version of the game.

Similar Gameplay

The Grand Theft Auto games or GTA Vice City is also available for smartphones, both iOS phones and android phones. All the features are present in the mobile version. They also run at a higher and a sharper resolution when compared to the original version for PlayStation 2. The game runs very smoothly on an iPad 3. The appearance of the game remains the same and the characters continue to remain block faced. The rainbow lighting feature is quite excellent.

The controls have become a little more polished, but shooting and racing is a little difficult. Android users can take help by hooking up to a gamepad.

New Features for the Mobile Platform

Graphics have been beautifully updated along with changes to the character models and improved lighting effects. The firing options and the targeting options have also been more specifically tailored. The layout is now completely customizable with the use of custom controls. Players can now go on a massive campaign with many hours of gameplay.

The mobile version of the game offers compatibility with the MoGA Wireless Game controller and a few USB gamepads. The game is also enjoys integration with Immersion tactile features. The user can also adjust his visual experience using the graphic settings that can be adjusted.

With the mobile version available on most smartphones and tablets, users can enjoy the enhanced graphics. However, they also need to note that the game will also drain the battery of the device to a great extent.

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