GTA V Game – High Life Update, New Stat and Fixes

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The Grand Theft Auto 5 or the GTA 5 is a very successful video game released by Rockstar Games. The game involves a lot of action and adventure. The developers have released several updates in February and then in March this year.

Fans of the game from all over the world are eagerly looking forward to these updates.

The Plot

GTA V or Grand Theft Auto 5 revolves round Los Santos, which is a huge metropolis. Formerly, the city used to be the center of attraction in the western world. However, today there is a lot of economic uncertainly and chaos.

The plot involves three criminals, who plot their survival in this city. Franklin is a street gangster; Michael is an ex con artist; and Trevor is a violent maniac. They are ready to risk everything in daring heists that can get them set in their lives.

In short, it is a superb story of three gangsters in a gaming sandbox.

High Life Update Features 

Rockstar Games released the High Life Update for the game on May 13th, 2014. It is an automatic update for GTA 5 Online and adds several new options. There are new options for the Los Santos market related to real estate.


These are related to important locations, such as Richards Majestic and Eclipse Towers amongst others. The latest and newest interior designing features are available in these locations. The new feature also includes ownership of multi properties. Players of the game can hold two separate properties at the same time.

The High Life Update was announced in April 2014 and released the following month.

New Additions via High Life Update

The new update will also bring in four additional vehicles. These will include a motorcycle as well as the Bullpup Rifle, found in the Legendary Motorsport. The update also brings in other interesting features, such as fancy clothes as well as horns for vehicles.


There are fifteen new jobs available along with celebrations and toasts for players.

Changes in Options for Gameplay

The new High Life Update will also introduce a Non Contact feature to the Racing options. This feature will enable the player to play the regular Races and disable collisions that take place between vehicles.

You will be able to view other players in a semi transparent mode. You can, of course, still collide with traffic related to non-players as well as structures and the scenery.

New Stat

The Mental State is a new stat that players will be able to access. The stat enables players to realize the extent of danger or craziness present in the other player. This will enable them to prepare better while facing them in the game.

Making Fixes

As you can see, the TU 1.11, the High Life Update, has brought in a lot of fun and also made several meaningful modifications to the game. There have been new clothes and weapons as well as masks and vehicles. The update has also come with many fixes for specific exploits.

For instance, now vehicles can be given nitrous boosts and the Titan can be blown in Hangar. The tattoo parlors have received new tattoos and the clothing stores have received additional clothes. There are many new hairstyles, two for men and two new styles for women as well.

Update to the Heists

There has been no word regarding the update to the Heists, except that the developers say that it is expected anytime this spring. There are several rumors pointing out that Rockstar Games is busy developing skis as well as jet packs.


These are in preparation for the web version of the game.

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