GTA 6 Release Date in June 2017

At the Entertainment Electronic Exp (E3), Rockstar announced that they will bring the next sequel of GTA (GTA 6) in June 2017. They also added that GTA 6 will be available for the new generation consoles Xbox One and PS4 and for Windows PC as well. The new version of the game will be called “Return to the Vice City”.

The GTA game series have always been known for the great graphics and storyline. Rockstar promised that on the upcoming GTA 6 they will reach the “edge” and they will bring something special for the GTA fans. It seems that the action in GTA 6 takes place in Vice City.

Many gamers are going to expect a lot from Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar will surely work hard on this upcoming game, since their GTA 5 went very well in sales, bringing them more than 2billion dollars.

Rockstar said that GTA 5 was a real success which in only 24 hours after its release it “generated” more than 800 million dollars and now they want to break that record with GTA 6. However, many GTA fans are still waiting for the promised Heists DLC and it seems that Rockstar is still delaying their release.

Last week, they released the “I’m not a Hipster” update, which came with some skinny jeans, vintage hairstyle, animal masks and many more. We will most likely hear more about GTA 6 in the following weeks and hopefully we’ll see the waited “Heist DLC for GTA 5”.


Do you think “Heists DLC for GTA 5” will come somewhere soon or it will be delayed until the Q4 2014 or even the Q1-Q2 2015?

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