GTA 5 Release Date for Xbox One, PS4 and PC This Fall

Grand Theft Auto will come for the new-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One and for Windows PC in the Q4 of 2014 and many gamers are looking forward to the Windows PC version, since they can simply add mods to it.

These mods are some modifications of the program code inputted into the game, in order to make it operate in a different way from the original version. At the moment, many players are creating their own modes for PS3 and Xbox 360, but GTA 5 on PC version will make modding easier.

Rockstar, the developer of GTA 5, said that the next-gen and PC version of the game will be worth the wait. He also added that besides mods, the new versions of the game will allow players to view Los Santos city at a new graphic level.

Rockstar also assured the PC gamers that the GTA 5 version will take full advantage of the PC power, in order to come with an increased resolution, dense traffic, greater draw distance, graphical details, upgraded AI, more advanced weather details and damage effects.

GTA 5 was launched for PS3 and Xbox 360 back in September 2013. 24 hours later after its release, GTA 5 “enriched” Rockstar with more than 800 million dollars – which is equal to 11.21 million sold copies.

Three days later after the GTA 5’ release, the game made over 1 billion dollars and by October 7, almost one month after the game’s release date (September 17), GTA 5 became the largest digital release in PlayStation Store for the PS3.


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