GTA 5 Ready For Next Gen Platforms, Special Content for PS4

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The most popular open world gangster game series of all time, GTA 5 is all set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, this fall.

Even though, it is a multi-platform title and everyone knows this fact, Sony’s marketing chief claimed that it is a Playstation franchise. He had several reasons up his sleeve to make such a claim. The biggest of them all is that the latest installment in the franchise sold the most number of copies on Playstation 3. He also opines that the game has a huge fan following on the platform than any other and it debuted to the console industry on the Sony console which makes it Sony’s own property.

The representative didn’t officially confirm any special content but he added that Playstation 4 owners can look forward to exclusive content which will be available only on the platform. It could be a DLC, a skin pack or even additional levels but at the moment there is no word on what PS4 is going to get. It is to be noted that the game’s next gen debut was exclusively announced during the Sony press conference which clearly confirms that Rockstar has a strong tie-up with them and will make sure their fans are happy when the game launches in September.

Significant Improvements

Rockstar has officially confirmed in their blog that the next gen version of GTA 5 will be worth the wait, because it will feature improved dynamics, polished graphics, increased draw distance among other changes. Even though, the game developers wouldn’t admit it openly, the game’s potential was significantly reduced so that it can run smoothly on outdated consoles. Almost every gamer now hopes that the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game will be one of the best looking in the series because it has ample hardware power to utilize. The same has been confirmed by the developers in their blog and going by their words, it is going to be a visual treat when the game launches on next gen platforms. Meanwhile, PC gamers are skeptical whether this will be a good port or will be as bad as GTA 4 which was virtually unplayable because of various bugs and glitches. Rockstar did a good job with Max Payne 3 and if they can do the same again, it will be the most rewarding Grand Theft Auto experience on Windows platform.

PS4 Exclusives, PC Mods

While PS4 will receive some exclusive content as the representative confirmed, PC will have its fair share of mods to make the game more addictive than it already is. It has been a tradition for people on computers to mod games so as to make them better and add custom content. It will continue with GTA 5 once it lands on PC. Mods have always had the power to increase the longevity of a game and it has been proven yet another time with Skyrim that became phenomenally successful because of the custom content that gamers generated for themselves. PC will also get an exclusive video editor option. It looks like Rockstar is set to satisfy gamers on all platforms and make sure they don’t complain for delaying the release so long.

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