GTA 5 (PS3 and Xbox 360) – Top Tricks and Cheats to Stay Ahead

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GTA 5 is a very popular video game that has been getting rave reviews and accolades from the gaming community.

It offers an open world gameplay. Players can access hidden exploit as well as cheat codes and glitches. There are many cheat codes released for the story mode of the game that can be used on the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360 platforms. Cheats initially appeared for the Xbox 360, but now they have also been ported to the game’s PS3 version. All the cheats are fully functional.

Key Aspects while playing

The cheat codes have to be entered through the D Pad, using directional commands. You must not enter them via the phone, as in GTA 4. You must also enter the codes quickly and after you enter the code successfully, you will get a confirmation on the screen. When the cheats are active, all the trophies and achievements within the game will be disabled. Moreover, cheats will not function during missions. They can only be applied for a current session, as they get erased from the memory if you restart the gaming console or if you load a saved game. You will then have to enable them again.

Weapon Upgrades (Free for Exploit)

When you are on a mission, you can visit the Ammu Nation and buy a weapon as well as all the upgrades. You then kill yourself resulting in the failure of the mission. By doing this, you get all your money back. But when you visit the Ammu Nation once more, the upgrades for the weapons will remain marked as bought.

Easy Money for Exploit

On the northern part of the map, you can see a crashed airplane under the water in the ocean. Along with the crash of the airplane, there would also be a suitcase of money with around $12,000 on the seabed. You can recover the briefcase from the wreck and then immediately change over to another character. Then, again come back to the character near the briefcase, which will reappear. The character will again collect the case. You can use this trick again and again to get a lot of money. The trick is even more useful, when you repeatedly switch between two characters near briefcases in different areas. Both the characters get enough oxygen and you will be able to build up a fortune for both the characters in this case.

Additional Customization

You can get additional customization features for your character by going on the Lifeinvader network. You can log in and then start stalking people in order to unlock new customizations for characters. You can get new hairstyles by stalking Herr Kurtz Barber.

Get Taxi Money for Exploit

Try hijacking a taxi and begin to drive it all around. When the dispatch operator assigns a job, you can accept it and start following the GPS path towards the customer who is waiting. After picking him up, you must take an indirect route to the destination. The passenger pays for the distance that is driven and this will result in excess amount of money. This is one easy way of making more money in the beginning of the game.

Jumping Locations

If you want to view the locations of the various Stunt Jumps, you can go to the browser in the game and visit the 5 to view all the locations.

Making More Money

When you finish completing all the Gun Range challenges, you can get a 25% discount from all the Ammu Nation stores. Another way of making easy money is by robbing an armored vehicle. These look like blips on the map when you drive around. You can take out the drivers and then shoot at the back doors to open it. You can then collect the money, which is usually more than $5000 and escape from the cops.

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