GTA 5 PC Listed On Steam, Features Advanced Video Editor

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Rockstar confirmed the news that GTA 5 is coming to PS4 during the Sony E3 2014 press conference.

Later, it was announced that it is coming to Xbox One as well as PC. Confirming these announcements, the game is now available on Steam, which ensures that the open world adventure game is indeed coming to Windows. It was one of the most hyped rumors where console gamers were constantly saying that because of piracy, Rockstar decided to stop it from coming to computers, while others believed it will never make its way to next gen consoles either.

Creating a game in 2013 on inferior hardware is not the best way to go about it and now it has been proved that it was only a marketing gimmick to make sure millions of gamers buy it on an older platform without waiting for a new one to release. Their strategy did succeed because the game made a solid $1 billion in revenue and is expected to reap more when the new version launches. The PC version is expected to receive multiple special features including an advanced video editor.

Steam Listing

The official steam listing has been spotted this week which doesn’t list any actual pricing. It will be most probably be $59.99 which is the usual for all AAA titles. The game is said to be available by Fall, 2014 and promises to take full advantage of the hardware power of a PC. Some of the most important features that will be part of the version include denser population, traffic, increased draw distance, dynamic weather changes, damage effects, better AI for the characters, animals, higher resolution and graphics.

Compared to a PS3 or Xbox 360, a PC is much more powerful and the latest range of graphic cards is better than an Xbox One or PS4 as well. Gamers expect the title to be a fitting one for the platform because the developers did a bad job with GTA 4. The city of Los Santos is exceptionally huge and is said to be at least four times bigger than San Andreas which denotes how expansive it is! You will have plenty of new places to roam, mini-games to play and side missions to indulge in.

GTA Online

One of the most popular features of GTA 5 is the GTA Online feature which pits players online in massive multiplayer matches. You will be able to rob a bank along with a group of other players, complete missions or rob a moving truck. It is the ultimate gangster life that ardent fans dream of and things get more interesting when playing against human opponents. The Grand Theft Auto online will provide new competitive modes, custom content and mission creators besides a dedicated community to team up with. Apart from these, the PC version of GTA 5 is set to get an advanced video editor using which players will be able to create their own action movies in the universe and share them online or maybe show off on Twitch.

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