GTA 5 Online – Best Unlimited Money Glitch Available After 1.13 Patch

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Rockstar has been constantly fighting the internet community that manages to find new and creative ways to exploit certain glitches in their Grand Theft Auto 5 Online game.

Even though the company tries to fix the little bugs in the game, they seem to be making it easier for the players to earn more money through the various exploits. After the latest 1.13 Patch a new unlimited money and RP glitch has been found in GTA 5 Online that lets the players earn millions in just a few minutes.

Not A Car Duplication Glitch

Far different than most GTA 5 Online glitches, this one is not the next car duplication glitch that requires the player to have a quite expensive vehicle or house in order to exploit it and earn money. Instead the glitch focuses on the bounty system in the game. Requiring three players to be executed correctly, the glitch makes it possible for the players to earn up to $9,000 every few seconds, while earning a lot of RP as well. But how exactly does it work?

How the GTA 5 Online Bounty Glitch Work?

As aforementioned, in order for the GTA 5 Online bounty glitch to be executed correctly, there have to be three players who know each other and are willing to help each other in the same multiplayer session of the game with the mission lobby required to be set to full in order for the glitch to work properly. After the three players have entered the game, the one that will earn the RP and the money has to click start and go to either the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store respectively for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Once the load screen has shown up, the player has to tap “A” on the Xbox 360 or hold down the D-Pad on the PS3 to quit the online session and switch to the single player mode.

Further Steps

After this is done, the single player character will spawn in the GTA 5 Online session for a short time, but he will appear frozen. Then the player has to hit the star button and enter the in-game store again, then exit the store. The player will remain frozen. At this time the player has to invite his two friends to the mission lobby, wherein the lobby is set to full. The next step is for the player to call up Lester from the contacts and hide himself from the cops, but the player has to be sure not to attack a cop or share a vehicle with another player with a wanted level. The play now has to place a bounty on one of the two players and the other has to repeatedly kill him for unlimited money and RP. This roles could be switched around, depending on who needs the money and the RP.

This working GTA 5 Online money glitch after patch 1.13 could earn a player up to $300,000 in less than ten minutes.

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