GTA 5 Money Glitch – I’m Not A Hipster DLC

The new GTA 5 DLC named “I’m Not A Hipster” comes with new car modification options, gameplay updates, 12 new jobs and many more.

In addition, this new DLC comes with the latest patch 1.14, which fixes money glitches, timeout issues and mods.

In concordance with Rambo, a veteran GTA gamer, the new GTA 5 1.14 patch didn’t solve many of the older glitches.

Working Money glitches on “I’m Not A Hipster DLC”

1. Duplicated Motorcycle Glitch

In one of the working glitches you will need a Mule truck and a motorcycle. Park the Mule truck outside the garage door, a little bit to the left. After that, get your glitched motorcycle, if you don’t know how to get a glitched motorcycle watch this video:

Get on your glitched motorcycle and hit the rear of the Mule. After the impact, the motorcycle you should be thrown off your bike. This glitch will make the original motorcycle show up, across the street, while the duplicate one is on the floor.

After that, ride the duplicated motorcycle to Los Santos customs and sell it there in order to complete the glitch.

2. Car on the bike rack glitch

This glitch will only work for those who have a car on the bike rack, for more details, take a look at this video:

For this glitch you will need to replace a vehicle in your garage so make sure you know what vehicle you are willing to “sacrifice” in order to use this glitch.

However, it seems that many players complained that they lost the money from their accounts. It seems that Rockstar is working hard to find the players who use glitches like these and try to remove their extra money or even ban them.

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