GoPro Top 5 Accessories – Their Details and Prices

GoPro is termed as the most versatile camera and if you share a love for photos, there is hardly a thing that will get any better than this camera.

However, to make the most out of this camera, you have to make sure that you are teaming the right set of accessories along with it. There are different accessories that one can use with the GoPro camera and here, we will list the best five among them along with the prices so that you can assess if they are affordable and fall in your range.

  1. The DJI Phantom QuadCopter

This is ideal for those who are looking to get aerial shots. You no longer need to risk your life and jump from a helicopter to take those clinching shots. You definitely need some practice before you can smartly use this accessory. However, once you have aced it, this £450 quadcopter can be controlled remotely and you will be able to capture the shots with immaculate perfection.

  1. The Fotodiox Pro GoTough Camera Tripod Adapter

If you are looking for a handy tripod adapter that will allow you to fix your camera securely and help you steal perfect shots, this economical accessory might be the best choice that you can possibly have. Priced as less as $15, you will be able to fix your camera in the right position.

The finishing of this adapter is perfect and it has been constructed using lightweight aluminum.  The finishing is not only attractive but also durable.

  1. K-Edge Go Big Pro

Are you a biker and do you hate to miss out on the beautiful sceneries that you get to see while biking? In such cases, you can make use of this accessory as it will easily and smartly clamp to the handlebar of your bike. The kind of grip that is offered is such that you can rest assured that your camera will stay intact and will be safe. Priced at £40, it is one of the smartest choices to opt for because it will not only clamp the camera in place but also make it a lot easier to click pictures directly and you will not be left tangled in a mess of cables.

  1. Jaws Flex Clamp

If you are a die-hard photographer, you never know what will pop up. You may have to opt for some extreme photography and you may need to clamp your camera at varying heights and angles. In such cases, this is the accessory that will come to your rescue. With jaws flex clamp, you can easily fix the camera without the need to fall back on any additional help. You do not need any kind of sticky pads to make this work and at £46, you definitely cannot get a better bargain.

  1. LCD Touch BacPac

Priced at £90, this accessory will directly fix to the back of your camera and this helps you in getting a live view of what the picture will look like. Further, you have the headphone and the speaker set that allows you to listen to the clip and view it as well. Apart from acting as the best viewing screen, it is also touch sensitive and thus, you can do more with your camera than what you might have comprehended otherwise.

These are the top five accessories that will allow you to maximize the kind of output you will get from your GoPro camera. No doubt, you are going to love the pictures that you will be able to click.

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