Google Maps vs Waze – Which Offers Better Features?

It is important to have the right kind of navigation apps on your phone because it will come in handy when you get lost. There are various navigation apps that you can use but two of the most popular among them has to be Google Maps and Waze.
While Waze has already been acquired by Google despite offering overlapping features, yet, you may be itching to know which one among them is a better choice. Here, we will elaborate the key aspects regarding both these apps.

Google Maps

Google Maps has always been the preferred choice for everyone. It has been the most popular app used by one and all. Recently, various changes have been incorporated into Google Maps and the reviews which Maps got, are extremely positive.
You can toggle between different types of views and getting accurate directions to the different destinations is going to be a cakewalk. Further, you will be able to find the right kind of transit to pick from too. If you are looking to use public mode of communication, you can find the route accordingly.

Further, with the new updates, finding the right events and making bookings at those events will be easier too because of Google Maps. Google Maps will not only show you the routes to take but at the same time, you will get the distance and even time taken as well.

These data turn out to be useful when you need to reach a place timely. As Google has acquired Waze, it dynamically extracts data from Waze and also offers the right kind of signals and updates.

What Can Waze Offer You?

Waze is quickly becoming a top rated navigation app simply because of the features it has to offer. It is a community based service which will give you live traffic data feed. It is the live feed which makes this app unique. It comes of use, especially for those who have a time deadline to reach a place.

Many a times, you may pick up a route only to find it crowded with traffic. This will set you back seriously and might create problems especially when you have meetings to attend. With the right help from Waze, you will be able to get the appropriate updates regarding which street is overly crowded or even when there are accidents and other problems too.

Therefore, it is hard to come to a conclusion regarding which among these seems to be the better choice. Both are accurate and reliable. However, Waze suffers from the problems that users may enter wrong data. This is likely to be corrected by other members because it operates like a community. You can make smart use of both the apps together as they have slightly overlapping features and when used in conjunction, you can enjoy double benefits.

In order to get live traffic data feed and to plan reunions and see where your friends are heading, fall on Waze and for big events and direct routes and directions, Google Maps will serve the perfect use.

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