Google Maps vs Its Own Adoption, Waze

Since Google has bought Waze for the reasons that just cannot be contemplated as yet, it can be surely ascertained that Google has incorporated Waze to improve its map after the purchase.

Some of the incorporations include Waze’s crowd-source data. Waze has come up with a newer face blend with the capability of re-routing midway upon noticing traffic jams in the immediate vicinity. Let us see some of the other features rolled out by both in comparison to each other.


Basic Working and Goodies

While Google works on GPS navigation using voice, the main attraction of Waze is that it provides real-time and immediate information on the traffic data owing to its inventory crowd-source data availed from surveys and other public forums. The incessant data about the route that you are traveling on is a personalized feature of Waze which helps its users to re-route whenever they desire, by analyzing the traffic ahead. Google maps, on the other hand, had all these features of real time traffic enabled long back. Moreover, Google maps also provides specific data suiting to the different forms of transport opted by the user like walking, cycling, bus or car transport. In addition, Google maps also provides the information of various department stores, brand stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and resort in your route as well.

Exclusive Features

Google Maps has introduced an exclusive feature of providing its bikers with incredible elevation data. This lists the meters to be climbed uphill or the decline in the speed downhill along with the flat or short type of road that the route holds. Waze is primarily an application for public, transport and commuters who require real-time traffic reports. However, Waze has also signed a pact with the Florida Government to enhance its own natural disaster notification, data on alternative re-routing for users and providing a real-time traffic alert. This has enhanced the working of Waze to incorporate further government data to its system. Waze also has immediate and immensely active reports on the real time data of accidents, speed traps and other important data that can affect the overall trip. Also, Waze gathers feedback from its users regularly to enhance and update the application accordingly. This provides the users with the information of the general traffic-flow and rush in specific hours. Google Maps has its Quickfacts data from the biggest knowledge base in the world which is self-sufficient in itself. The search engine giant provides its navigation application with important historic dimensions of some buildings and monuments. This exclusive new feature also provides pictures and details about the route and transport information for the same.


While Google Maps has become the personal travel guide, office guide and even has the feature of providing offline map usage to its users, Waze provides its users with a hassle-free commute with respect to all ingenious re-routing possible with its real-time traffic data.

With the future promising only betterment for Google maps as they have bought the latter anyway, there are no confirmations about the company merging its purchase with its older navigation application.

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