Google Maps – Terrain View Free Download Makes Its Comeback

What is Terrain View?

Google Maps has brought back its much-appreciated Terrain view in its version 8.1.0 based on public demand.

Terrain View is the topographic viewing feature that was uprooted off Google Maps in July last year. Earlier, Terrain view facilitated its users to avail certain elevations of geographic features akin to cliffs or higher platforms like mountains and valleys. These features immensely helped the users possess the exact details, helping them to equip themselves for hiking or trekking, or even sneaking out with flying colors on a geography exam!

This comes after Google’s addition of the elevation feature for bike users that was added separately a few days ago, which gave bikers all the information regarding the exact meters they have to climb up or descend while on the downhill path. With the advent of Terrain-View, it has become the sole user-facing highlight of a feature on Google Maps currently. The side-menu of the application now comes enabled with a terrain view option tab. For all the wilderness adventure lovers and teams exploring the unknown on their own, Google Maps has now set forth its personal assistance on all levels to outsmart the living personal guides. With the latest addition of QuickFacts and stuff, Google Maps has certainly uplifted the traveling experience by creating an application that is not just incredible, but also a perpetual companion ensuring that you don’t have to fear interacting in a foreign language. The newbies added to the application come out with another amazing feature of 3D enabled viewing experience that would enable adventurers to see the shores and landscapes along the sides of the mountains and water bodies.

The map is not available for all the masses as of now, though Google has brought the sidebar loading procedure for availing the same feature. It has a limited application in the range of buildings and topographic area; as it features the elevation details of mountains along with canyons, which doesn’t apply to buildings. A canyon trail or a ski resort is exceptionally cited to provide the users with amazing terrain viewing features.

How to Avail

For Windows or Linux users, Go to Tools, then Options and click on 3D View.
Under the Terrain quality section, select ‘Show Terrain’ tab.

For Macintosh users, go to preferences and click on 3D view and then click on the ‘Show Terrain box’, displayed under the Terrain Quality Section. Even the elevation of the terrain desired or specified can be availed by tapping on the ‘Elevation Exaggeration Value’. The default is set to one, but the users can set it at any point from 1 to 3 including the decimal points. The future still holds an incredible hope that Google will add more goodies to its already famous app, now that it also has the popular navigation application by an Israeli Group.


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