Google Hangouts – Old Wine in New Bottle

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No matter what Google does, it becomes a trend.

At first, there was only Google Talk (GTalk) for exchanging texts, recorded audios, pictures and files. Now, you have an upgraded chat platform from Google with more functionality. First, Google unveiled its redefined social networking platform, Google+. Now, a completely new chat client that replaces your Google Talk is here. Hangouts is available across all platforms, be it Windows, iOS or Android. Windows users can install Hangouts Chrome browser plug-in right from the official Hangouts download page. Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of this application that will give you an entirely new experience while interacting with friends online.

Group Conversation

Group conversation is no longer a myth for free chat client users. Google Hangouts lets you connect with multiple friends over voice and video chat. This is a premium feature that comes to you for free. Only data charges apply for Google Group Conversation using Hangouts. You can send photos, share emoticons, songs and videos over a group chat powered by Hangouts. You can send messages to your friends anytime you want. It does not matter whether they are online or not. Your friends will get to see your message whenever they come online and login to their Hangouts account. The chat history is managed in a better way with this nice piece of application.

Host a Video Conference from Home

When you have Hangouts in your laptop and a high-speed broadband connection, you can simply host a video conference from your home. You do not need any special equipment. The only requirement is that all the participants must have their own valid Hangouts accounts. Request all the participants to login to their Hangouts and start the video conference instantly. You can also invite participants who are using Hangouts from their smartphones. This is the new definition of video conference brought to you by Google Hangouts where people combine and collaborate from office, from home and on the go. You can invite up to 10 friends for a live group video chat using Hangouts. The one-on-one video calling feature also works great in Google Hangouts.

The Cross Platform Advantage

Google is a widely popular name now. It is redundant introducing Google to a newbie web user. Everyone knows what Google is and what Google does, to make their life simpler and more fun. All the Google products are available across all the existing major software platforms. Also, Google’s web mail client, Gmail, gets millions of new sign ups per day. Therefore, you will find more friends with a valid Gmail account than any other web mail account. This is the advantage that lets you add more friends on your Google Hangouts list.

Managing Conversations Made Easier

You can easily search and find an old conversation and view the logs. Retrieving chat history has never been any simpler than this. Simply type your friend’s name on the search friend box and view the previous chats. All your Google Hangouts chats get saved in your Gmail chat history. Therefore, you need not worry over loss of information of previous chats.

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