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Google Hangouts was developed to replace Google Talk and is a perfect way to make a virtual conversation with your buddies memorable.

You can add life to your chats with emojis and photos. What’s more, you can also get to see and hear the person you are talking to with free video and voice calls. The compatibility with various operating systems such as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Chrome OS make Google Hangouts popular on both computers and smartphones. You can also use this as a separate app or within your Gmail.

Noteworthy features of Google Hangouts

You can create group conversations more engaging than before. With Google Hangouts, you can actually see when your message was last read. You can also get to know when a member in a group is typing out a message. Enjoy video calls with up to ten people at a time. If a chat buddy is not able to attend a call when you are calling, he or she will be informed about your trying to call him or her.

You can make free calls to anywhere in the US or Canada, with Google Hangouts. Choose a contact from your Friends list or type in a number to make the call. Charges for calls made to other countries are very less. What is worth noting is that you need not restrict yourself to talking to one person at a time. As you are talking to one of your friends, get more friends into the loop through a conference call, change the voice call into a video call or even add sound effects to make the conversation livelier.

Would you like yourself to be known to the whole world but at the same time apprehensive of facing a huge global audience? Well, with Google Hangouts, you can make this dream come true. Check out the Hangouts On Air feature to help you with this. Sitting in front of your computer and a few clicks, you can present yourself to the world. Go ahead and host a concert or be part of a discussion with international experts. You can record your On Air experience and make it available on Google+ and your YouTube channel for sharing at a later date. Other items that can be shared include images, scratchpads and documents. You can also check out the list of upcoming Hangouts On Air events that might interest you.

One unique feature of Google Hangouts is that you can have customized notification alerts. In other words, you can assign a separate notification alert for each friend in your contacts list. The hidden contacts attribute is yet another aspect worth exploring. Using this option, you can hide selected friends from your contacts list without having to block their messages. Yet another feature worth noting is that with a new plug-in released by Google, even Outlook users can use Google Hangouts.

To conclude, it can be stated without doubt that Google Hangouts has most of the features of Google Talk and a whole lot of additional features. The above are just a few of some of them. With its growing popularity, Google Hangouts has become an ideal choice for communicating with people across the globe.


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