Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox – Which Browser has the Better Features and Interface?

Making a decision about which browser you’ll be using as default is not an easy task.

Different browsers offer different features, one always more useful than the next. The three most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. While Microsoft Internet Explorer has unique features such as Tracking Protection that protects against sites that track your browsing activity, it’s usually a toss up between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on which is the best web browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is more polished than Mozilla Firefox and feels faster. Even though it’s newer than Firefox, Google Chrome has cooler features such as packaged apps and application shortcuts. It also has a minimalist design that attracts more followers. Add that to its speed and functionality, it’s no wonder why Google Chrome remains the leader among other browsers.

Hands-free Voice Search

One of the brilliant features of Google Chrome is the voice search. It allows you to search by voice. In the most recent update of Google Chrome, the company has enhanced this feature further. If before, you can do voice search by clicking on the microphone icon on the right side of the search bar, now, the voice search is finally hands-free once you enabled the “OK Google” feature.

Easy Installation

Installing is also fast and simple. Just go to the homepage of Chrome, click the Install button and you’ll have the browser running in just a minute. Whenever a new update becomes available, Chrome automatically updates itself. The extensions, on the other hand, are not so dynamic; there will be no automatic updates on extensions you don’t want.

Mozilla Firefox

Recent updates of the browser brought improvements such as faster performance, improved memory use, Web audio and WebRTC support. If Google Chrome is more polished, Mozilla Firefox is more customizable that lets you tinker with the browser. The default interface, however, is still a delight to use. One of Mozilla Firefox’s brilliant features is the “Panorama” tab organizer, which allows you to organize open tabs in a more unique way.


If you have the browser in your computer already installed, you will just have to restart the program to update to the latest version. The installation is also done in a more conventional way than Google Chrome which installs in a non-program folder. Some users consider this to be a security risk, unlike with Firefox which utilizes a service instead of a standard program process.

Mozilla Firefox Interface

The interface of the browser is also simple like Google Chrome and there’s only one menu option, which is an Orange Firefox button, found on the top left. When you open the browser, you will be greeted with the default Start page that includes a search box in the middle, buttons for browser controls and other settings. You also have the option to change the search provider and the browser home page. The process is also simple and does not need any complicated gestures. If you open a new tab, there will be a list of sites you’ve frequented more, in the form of square tiles and you can also customize these thumbnails.

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