Galaxy Note 4 SM-910C vs Galaxy Note 4 SM-910S – Exynos Bettern Than Snapdragon

The Galaxy Note 4s will be released in two variants and according to AnTuTu Benchmark’s report, fans should expect super high-end specs, but one of the devices will be a lot more powerful than any other smartphone on the market.

The upcoming Note 4s models have in common most of the specs: the Super AMOLED display which renders a resolution of 2560x1440pixels, the primary camera of 16MP and the 3.68MP front camera, 3GB of RAM and the internal memory of 32GB, with the possibility of expanding it.

According to the same report, both devices will run on the Android 4.4.3 OS, although other analysts believe that the fourth flagship phablet will come loaded with Android 4.5.

There’s no doubt that the Note 4 SM-910C will be a beast and we can afford to say this given that the phablet will be powered by a an eight-core Exynos 5433, which makes a good team with the ARM Mali-T760 GPU.

The other model comes with a quad-core Qualcomm engine (Snapdragon 805 processor) which will be used also by the Galaxy S5 Prime.

SamMobile believes that SM-910C model will outpace its SM-910S sibling, although experts said that the difference wouldn’t be noticeable in real-world setting/usage mode.

The Note 4 on Snapdragon will be released worldwide and will be the dominant edition, while the Note 4 on Exynos will target the niche markets.

Samsung fans are expecting from the Note 4 on Exynos to come with an curved OLED display panel, but these are only speculations for now.

According to rumors, the Note 4 will be released at the Berlin IFA gadget showcase edition, which will take place this September.

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