Free Voice Calls Apps – These Are the Best

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Technology has entered every sphere of human life and has made things simpler for us.

Growing technology is aimed at making things better, easier and cheaper. One such technology is to make and receive free voice calls by the use of the internet.

The app stores are replete with apps which use the device’s internet connection to make voice calls to other devices on the network. These devices may be located anywhere in the world. This technology has been very effective in reducing the traffic on telecommunication networks and has become very popular among people, especially the youth. Free voice calling apps enable two people to talk to each other, over an internet network, without any costs incurred. Hence, they are increasingly being used by people from different cities to stay connected to their family and loved ones. Some of these apps are discussed below.


This free calling app is a market leader in this segment of voice apps. Viber allows a person to make voice calls to any other person who also has Viber. It imitates the normal calling platform of a phone and its interface is more like a normal phone than that of an app. This increases the convenience for the users who are accustomed to using their phones for calling. The app auto syncs the phonebook and finds all your contacts who use Viber. Then the user can simply dial the number from the Viber database as they do from the contact list, and the call is made. Excellent quality and a completely free service are the positives of this app that has successfully attracted millions.


Although more coveted for video calling, Skype has made a mark in the voice calling domain too. This is especially for those, who do not have webcams or means of accessing one. They can use Skype and the app works perfectly well even without a web cam. The app uses the phone’s microphone to connect to the other person and a voice call is made. Like other apps, Skype is also available free of cost to its users, who can now communicate with any other person across the globe, without burning a hole in their pockets. Though the network is shaky at times, it can be taken care of if the internet connection is good and the voice is loud enough.

Google Talk

This app is another masterpiece from Google and deserves a special mention when we are talking of free voice calls. The app, as the name suggests, is primarily a voice calling app that allows its users to communicate for free, using just the internet connection. It boasts of a large number of users as it is integrated with the Google mail accounts. Plus, Google talk offers a simplified interface and excellent quality of communication. Being a product of Google, there is no compromise on its technology. As a result, Google talk has become a primary voice calling app, which is widely used in the world today.

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