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Google Maps is certainly a household name, or, should we say a “routehold” name for most people.

Your travel experience could never be convenient without Google Map support. The latest Google Map update focused on the biking community. It is therefore likely that bike users are simply going to love this update from Google.

How Your Free Google Maps Elevation Works?

The Google Maps Elevation is aimed at providing elevation information to bike users beforehand, so that they understand the nature of the landscape they are to ride on. It also helps you estimate the kind of power you need on your way. What you need to do is to simply type in your address and provide your destination. You are also expected to select your biking choice route so that the app can display the elevation chart below the time estimate for your journey. Note that the elevation information provides for both coasting and uphill powerup. It may not suit you as much if your route is generally flat.

A Glimpse of What Lies Ahead With the Google Maps Elevation Feature

The chart display is helpful because it gives you an overall picture of how your journey is like on your way to the selected destination and back. If you are burning to know how much time it would take you up a given elevation, you are in for a shock though. You cannot get the time estimates from the chart displays. However, running your mouse over the route on the elevation chart, or even on Google Maps enables you to infer where you will begin your serious ascent or descent.

Targeted Users

Google appears to have released the update for bikers behind the scenes as it was quietly launched in a low key event last Friday. The Google Maps feature is targeted at bike users in 14 countries which has allowed bikers to plot routes by Motorbike. The countries which will enjoy the new elevation feature for the first time include USA, Austria, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, NewZealand, Norway, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The Google Surprises

The new feature only works exclusively on the iteration of Google Maps on the web. If you attempt to look up for directions from your smartphone while you are on a biking escapade, you will only access the normal Google Maps service for your selected route.

Dispelling the Accusations

The Move by Google to tweak up Google Maps may be in response to recent criticism directed towards the developer. Critics have recently pointed out that the developer has shown reluctance in improving Google Maps for a myriad of reasons. They accuse Google of showing indifference to the needs of the millions of Google Maps users around the world. Some even pointed out that Google’s stance to ignore Google Maps emanates from the fact that they gain more when the status quo is maintained.
It is not clear when the elevation feature will be available for users elsewhere. The success of the update will demonstrate a rather subtle commitment by Google to keep you updated whenever you are travelling.

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