Free Calling Apps You Might Not Have Heard About

It seems that calling is now getting cheaper and cheaper. Paid call minutes are now decreasing due to applications that let you send and accept calls for free. There are even applications that don’t require any payment for calling international numbers. Forget about paying your telephone bills and call minutes. Try this free app for free and you can chat with your loved ones longer, anytime, at anyplace.

You might have already heard about free calling apps like Viber, Skype, Google Voice and many more. These applications are pretty much known worldwide and are being used by many. Applications like these have helped a lot of families and friends interact with each other with little or no spending at all. But there are also apps designed to have free calls that only few people knew about.

  1. Nimbuzz (for PC to Mobile)

All you need is a headphone with a built in microphone but fast internet connection is recommended. This application is free for Nimbuzz users calling other Nimbuzz users and will cost you a little if you are trying to call non-Nimbuzz users. All you need to do is install Nimbuzz and create your own account. This app is recommended for users who currently do not have a phone or people who prefer PC over mobile. This may also be helpful for people who sit at offices all day.

  1. Facebook (for Mobile)

Yes! You can call using your facebook account. Many might not have heard about this but facebook doesn’t just come with free chats and messages but it also comes with free calls. Since almost everybody has Facebook accounts all over the world, you don’t have to worry about them not having the same application you have with you. There are only 2 things you need to know: both of you should have Wi-Fi access or 3G and you should be logged in using your smartphone or tablet. On your chat list, tap the name of the person you want to call, go to options and lastly tap “call”. Now you can enjoy talking with each other.

  1. Gerana Messenger (for PC)

Good news for gamers (Asia). Dota, Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends are just some of the role playing games (RPG) that many have been addicted to. There are over a million people playing these games all over the world. Garena messenger lets players interact with each other not only with instant messages but also with free calls using TalkTalk app. Add him/her at Garena messenger (must be using Garena messenger too), if you two are already friends, just right click his/her name and then click “Talk Now”. You can also talk in groups. Just click the “TalkTalk” icon or press Ctrl + Tab, create a room and add the people you want to talk to. Just wait for them to confirm and you all can now chat with each other. This messenger has been created purely for gamers.


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