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Line has been one of the most talked about free calling apps.

After the hype around Skype and Viber, Line and WeChat are perhaps the closest that come to threatening the competition. Though Line started out as an app with very limited functionality, it is quickly making room for itself at the top. Now, with its premium calling facilities, Line allows its users to connect to others through VoIP calls to landlines and non Line users. Here’s a look at the premium calling feature.

Budget Calling

For those who use VoIP very often, it is no news that free calling apps can drastically cut down your phone bills, even if you are only making premium calls. As compared to the regular phone service charges, VoIP calls are much cheaper and come at a flat rate no matter where you are calling. In addition, when you use Line or any other free VoIP service, there are no initial costs, no connection charges or monthly subscription fees. This means, you are free to call anyone you want, anywhere in the world, without having to worry about an obscenely huge phone bill.

High Quality Calls

The one thing Line offers that not many others do is the ability to make high quality calls through a premium network and much superior codes. This means high call quality, lower number of call drops and much less interruptions while you are making your calls. If you have ever suffered the pangs of poor quality calls on VoIP services, forget about them. With Line, you will always have great call quality and you would not ever be complaining about how you couldn’t communicate with your contact because the call kept dropping or the voice quality was poor.

Call Credits

Like Skype, Line also requires you to purchase call credits before you can make any premium calls. Using the Line app is very simple and so is making calls through the app. All you have to do is to log into the app, tap on the ‘more’ option and then select premium call. Once you are taken to the dial pad, select the ‘settings’ option and then ‘credit charge’. You can purchase 100 credits for $1. Just make your purchase and your account will be credited with call credits. These can then be used to making premium calls to landlines and non Line users anywhere in the world.

Verifying Phone Number

To place a premium call through Line, you must first verify your phone number. When you are installing Line, you will be sent a verification code on the phone number you enter. When you enter the verification code, your phone number is automatically verified. This is a simple procedure, which is an integral part of setting up your Line account. If you cannot receive an SMS, you can also verify your phone number or register through Facebook. If you have registered your phone number with Line, you can easily carry over your account and all your credits to any new phone you purchase.

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