Flappy Bird – More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Download This Game

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Remember Flappy Bird?

If you don’t, Flappy Bird was a mobile game app that became very popular at the start of the year but was deleted from the App Store and Google Play Store by its very own owner. It was an overnight success and fame for this app, but the owner soon realized that it was not as simple as he thought it would be. He was bombarded with threats and messages about how the game was frustrating for some people and when he couldn’t take the attention any longer, he took it down.

Flappy Bird Clones Are Infected With Malware

Of course, this was an opportunity that cyber criminals took advantage of. Right after it was deleted, hundreds of Flappy Bird clones were released. People who were not able to download the original app had to make do with the clones instead. However, in a recent threat report of a popular computer security company, McAfee, it was revealed that more than 70 percent of these mobile apps are containing malware. Some of the Flappy Bird clones are stealing your information and it’s important that you heed this warning.

Stealing Your Information

Cyber criminals can make calls without your permission using your smartphone as well as getting your contact list data. They can also install other applications and track your location. If that’s not alarming enough, these cyber criminals can also have control over your device including your SMS messages and recordings. This reason alone should be enough not to download any of these Flappy Bird clones. You’ll just be putting your device at great risk if you decide to download these apps. Even though it’s free and you really want to experience how to play Flappy Bird through its clones, don’t even consider that thought. Not only are they infected with malware, these clones do not even come close to the real thing.

The Comeback

If you want the real thing, we have a little bit of good news for you. The creator of Flappy Bird has recently announced that the game we’ve come to love/hate is making a comeback sooner than you thought. This August, Flappy Bird will fly again. The app is coming back with a new multiplayer function. The creator has also announced that he has made changes in the game and it’s now less addictive, which is something you don’t often hear in mobile gaming.

Is The Hiatus A Good Thing?

The next question now, however, is that will Flappy Bird still soar high in the charts like it used to, before it was taken down? We’ll definitely find out in the next coming weeks; its hiatus was able to keep the interest of the people. One thing is for sure, though: because of the threat reports made by McAfee, people will not be too keen on the idea of downloading Flappy Bird clones again. If they want to help a bird pass through a gap, they will have to wait for the return of Flappy Bird and the good news is that you don’t have to wait that long.

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