FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup Finally Hits All Platforms

The highly anticipated FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup update is finally available for all platforms after a long delay.

The official EA forums have stated that all FIFA 14 players across all platforms will be prompted to download the new Ultimate Team update and that they apologize for the delay of a few days, caused due to technical reasons. During the weekend, EA has explained that the update wasn’t released at the previously announced date, due to “unforeseen issues” that would have made it impossible for affected users to download the update and thus lead to bigger issues.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup

As the Ultimate Team: World Cup is one of the biggest update ever released for FIFA 14, EA have started an official website dedicated to it. There, players will be able to find more information regarding each of the new teams with additional details about the 2014 World Cup Brazil. Unlike any other content released, the new FIFA 14 update will feature non-tradable World Cup cards with no discard value, which are already shaking up the regular marketplace.

New Packs

Each standard World Cup pack in FIFA 14 will be worth 50 to 100-FIFA points as EA is hinting to add some special value packs coming in the future. Five of the cards in the pack will be consumables and seven green-colored non-tradable cards. However, the pack won’t contain any “club affiliations” or badges and can only contain managers, players and home and away kits.

The football players that a gamer can encounter in a match via the Ultimate Team update in FIFA 14 will be the ones that are featured in the 2014 World Cup Brazil. The statistics will also reflect the current standings with slight deviations.

Opening up the World Cup Packs will only allow a player up to 30 consumables with the only way of increasing the number being to store the cards as received in the packs. However, there will be no redemption cards as they are said to saturate content, especially with the great influx of players that are non-rare, and other different items in the pack.

The Update and the Servers are Ready

The servers, according to EA, have already been updated and as all the issues the company has encountered have been reportedly dealt with, players will be able to download the FIFA 14 update on any platform.

Those who are not familiar with the World Cup 2014 that will be held in Brazil can head over to the official EA site for the update. There the players will find the top 40 rated players. Currently the top three are Lionel Messi of Argentina, Robin van Persie of Netherlands and Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal – three names pretty famous in the world of Football (soccer). Moreover, there is plenty of information and back story about each player to be found on the official site. FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: World Cup is currently available for download for all platforms and is distributed as a free update for the game.

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