Feeling Lost? Google Maps is Here to Help

Google doesn’t need to reassure the world that its products are here to stay, for reasons best known to anyone who has ever used any Google product.

Therefore, whether it is a messenger or mail or a locator, you know you will get the best from Google. The Google Maps offering is one such profusely downloaded and used product from the Google haven. For all lost souls out there, this is to help in giving you directions; directions that are technology-intensive and robust. It gives a detailed view of every street, building and makes it easier for people to find the correct address that they are looking for. Google Maps has transformed the way navigation takes place in today’s world and has made it easier for everyone, equipped with a smartphone, to find their desired location. Now, what makes it so darn popular? Here could be some reasons why.

Use of GPS and Satellite Imaging

Google Maps uses satellite navigation and imaging to map the directions and the roads. The use of Global Positioning System (GPS) in most smartphones enables Google to locate the exact position of a person and then give him directions to his desired place. This system is highly effective, as it uses satellite feed and hence can pin point the target’s location. The use of satellite imaging allows the app to exactly lay out the roads and find the shortest route to reach a location. Best part is that Google Maps comes totally free of cost. Hence, a large number of people use this, both on smartphones and computers.

Find Places of Interest Instantly

Google Maps has undergone many changes and updates since its inception. Now it is possible to customize the Maps app according to the location where a person is. This helps the app, search and locate the places of interest in that area or city and then offer various routes to reach them from the user’s current location. All major restaurants, shops, markets, monuments and other places list themselves on Google Maps so that it is easier to locate them when a user searches for it. This simplifies the search for such places, when the users type the names and the app automatically lists them in the suggestions list, making it a huge favorite.

Multiple Views of Important Places

Google has gone one step forward by allowing several views of the same area by the use of satellites. Now, the app can also point out the density of traffic in a particular area based on direct satellite imaging and display other alternative routes. Google conducts surveys and visits of important places like the White House, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal etc. after securing the relevant permissions. The pictures of such places, their related information and sometimes even a 360 degree camera view of the place, are added to the database, for people to view. This feature has fascinated today’s information-hungry generation, who can now have a view of the actual monument without having to go to it.

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