Fallout 4 Release Date – Will the Mystery End Soon?

Fans of Fallout 4 were eagerly following the E3 2014, in a bid to find out when their favorite game would release.

Only disappointment there though, is E3 2014 has come and gone and there is still no news of the game’s release. There is not even a hint to quench the curiosity of those who were most excited about the game. Bethesda Game Studios was expected to announce some semblance of a release date at the E3 this year, but that has not happened and now gamers from all over the world are wondering if the studio is even planning to release the game in the near future at all?

E3 and Release Dates

E3 is one of the most anticipated gaming expos in the world and almost all developers and publishers wait for it to announce their release dates. E3 is considered by some to be the most important event for giving previews of their games or offering sneak peeks and release dates. The same was expected the new version of Fallout 4. Many studios showed the previews of anticipated games during this expo and made major announcements regarding upcoming titles.

The Future of Fallout 4

Since there has been no official announcement about this game, rumors are beginning to circulate. Some rumors had it that Bethesda would bring the game to E3 in 2014, but officials had put a rest to these rumors by claiming that, that was not the case. The absence of the game from the E3 only furthers the claim of the company. They have declared that though they are planning the next edition in the Fallout franchise, they are not sure when the game would be released. The company would surely be taking its time on this one. So there is not much official information about what the future holds for the title.

Fallout 4 Rumors

Bethesda’s VP, Pete Hines, acknowledged that there are no details about Fallout 4, from the developing team and any rumors circulating about the game are wrong. However, another senior official from the company had claimed that work on the fourth installment had already begun and that the company and the development team were excited about it. With that, the official had also said that the game is in the initial phases of development and the company was itself trying to figure things out about which direction to take this new title in. The whole aim of this exercise was to bring a great product to the fans. Though the game was initially developed by Interplay, Bethesda took over the rights to develop any further sequels to the title and the game has been in their hands since then. Now it is up to them to decide when they want the game to be released. They call the shots on the development and its phases, and the official announcements. So until Bethesda decides to let fans in on the status of the game, speculations will continue and rumors will keep doing the rounds.

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