Fallout 4 Release Date At E3 2014?

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Pete Hines, Bethesda’s marketing executive, seems to be tired of fans asking the same question over and over again. What question? The annoying question if Fallout 4 will come at this year’s E3. Even if Hines denied many times about Fallout 4 coming to E3, fans didn’t believe him and kept him asking this question endlessly.

E3 is approaching with big steps; actually it is less than a week until the event will start and fans are overreacting, asking if Fallout 4 isn’t really coming to E3, because they didn’t believe when the developer said that this isn’t going to happen.

Hines confirmed once again that Fallout 4 will not come to this year E3, and the fans were very disappointed.

We noticed that Hines looked really disturbed when the fans kept on asking him the same thing over and over again and he said that Bethesda won’t talk about this game for a long time.

Some fans were really affected when they heard that, but then Hines explained them why he was severe in words, because he felt “terrorized” by so many questions and he wants the game’s fans to be patient and to wait a little longer and to not lose their enthusiasm yet.

Four years ago, Fallout New Vegas rocked the market and the fans were so excited about this game, and they were expecting for a sequel to be confirmed. Time has passed and they haven’t heard any word from Bethesda and they’ve become restless. That’s why they bothered the developer with so many questions.


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