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How many times do you log in to your Facebook account every day?

If you dig statistics, you will find that there are countless users who are hooked to Facebook. With the Facebook messenger app, it is much easier to stay connected with your friends all over the world.

What Makes Facebook Messenger A Popular App?

It is hard to pinpoint the exact reasons that have cemented the popularity of Facebook messenger. We will list some of the key points which are the possible cause behind this popularity.

Animate Your Messages

Ever since apps like WhatsApp, Line and WeChat have become popular, everyone wants to insert stickers and emoticons in their conversation. It is much easier to make conversations lively using these slick features. Expressing your emotions becomes easier too.

Facebook messenger too offers you this provision because it has innumerable stickers available for free. You can download them easily and then use of them for the bringing your conversations to life.

Larger Degree of Compatibility

When it comes to this app’s compatibility, you are not going to face any issues. You can find the Facebook messenger app for free in Google play store and the Apple app store as well. Regardless of which version of android you are using, your phone should be able to run this app easily.

With the mobile app, it is easier to stay connected. You no longer need to rely on your PC or laptop for the sake of reverting to the messages. The features offered by the Facebook messenger app are such that you will be notified every time a new message comes, provided you keep the chat heads option open.

There are different options for customization and you can go through them to save the settings in a way that you desire.

Easy To Use

While technology has invaded almost all aspects of our lives, there are people who are still not comfortable with its use. However, Facebook messenger has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t need much of technical skill and proficiency to use it.

Downloading this app and running it is extremely simple. You can opt to synchronize your Facebook account on your phone and this should serve your need.

These are some of the key points that have made Facebook messenger a popular app among users. All those who are hooked to Facebook are likely to love it, owing to the ease it offers. It is an extremely easy way of ensuring that you do not miss out the messages that your friends send to you.

As the app is available for free download and you do not incur any cost, you can try it out once. There is no harm in using the app and then passing your verdict. In the newly launched updates, you also get the option of calling your friends for free. This has definitely been much appreciated by users and might popularize the app even more.

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