Expert Tips in Winning 2048

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2048 is the newest addictive online puzzle game.

The game is also available for iOS and Android users. Achieving the winning score of 2048 may seem impossible when you attempt arbitrarily without any planning. If you want to beat the 2048 score, you need to follow certain in-game tricks. Although, it is about practice and concentration to fully master the technique of cracking the 2048 puzzle box, here you may learn some tricks about the effective number matching technique that works like magic. Let’s take a look at how you should approach the game in order to attain the magic figure of 2048, while you enjoy every moment of your playing time.

Match the Numbers Horizontally

It is difficult at the start, but you will eventually be able to build numbers horizontally. Avoid matching numbers vertically as the mix up of both will lead to a jumbled box. You can start practicing this technique by sliding number from left to right and build the numbers along the way. Do not change your direction until and unless there is no move possible further. Stick to a uni-directional plan while matching the numbers and you will soon start to build higher numbers than those tiny 8’s and 16’s. The more you stick to one direction, the more you will get closer to 2048.

Work Your Way Upward

The moment you have successfully built a nice base line horizontally, it’s time to collapse a few of 4’s and 8’s by swapping them upward. You must try to keep higher numbers in the top position and merge them with some of the big daddy numbers like 512 or 1024. Keep collapsing the blocks upwards, until you have the entire top row full. Now, go back and forth, left to right and keep swiping until you get bigger numbers on the shelf. Your primary focus should be looking for ways to build bigger numbers by merging the matches in a strategic order.

Stay Focused at the Upper Right Corner and Build a Chain

Now that you have got the base right, spend some time at the upper right corner of the box. There, you must have built a few big numbers such as 128 or 256. Be a little careful there. You will need to build a chain of similar numbers to merge them all and get closer to the magic number. Try accumulating scores by merging the big numbers with one another. The chain will be built along the way. The more blocks you have in a single chain, the better it would be. This will lead you to achieve 2048 faster than you can ever think. In this phase of the game, your main objective should be to match the bigger numbers rather than juggling the smaller numbers.

Do Not Swipe Downward

In some critical part of the game, you may be enticed to swipe down to get some 8’s out of 4’s. Do not ever do that. It is not the way to play 2048. This will lead to isolated numbers and you can never use those numbers to get a higher value.

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