E3 2014 – Battlefield Hardline Beta Ready For PS4 Owners

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Sony has officially announced that people who attend their E3 2014 event will be eligible to receive early beta keys for the Battlefield Hardline PS4 edition.

The offer is solely reserved for those who attend their press conference and it was sent to those who RSVP’d to this special event. The beta keys were mailed back to some of these confirmed attendees while the rest is expected to be distributed right on the event day. Those who access the beta will be able to play on two new game modes which might be part of the actual game when it gets released in November.

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The modes will be playable on the same map named High Tension. Players who have already seen the leaked teaser trailer would have come across this map but these secret game modes are yet to be revealed. No one has any official information related to them. But, it is given that after letting two different videos of their upcoming game get leaked, EA will definitely be very strict with their scrutiny, at least until the expo successfully goes through. The company representative claimed that they are not part of the presentation but were videos designed for an internal presentation almost six months ago. He confirmed that the developers had done a lot after that and were eagerly waiting to hit the show floor so that they could show off some of their best creations.

A New Battlefield

The Battlefield franchise is taking a sharp turn for the first time since 2142. The previous game Battlefield 2142 was the only one which was set in a more futuristic setting but all other games in the franchise were related to contemporary war, one way or the other. It either dealt with modern day military warfare or World War but now it is going to be all about cops and robbers.

The trailer clearly revealed that an all-out warfare is being set in an urban environment this time around which will be a welcome change for players who had been fighting almost in identical environments for a long time now. Some of the new modes in Battlefield Hardline including Heist and Blood Money, resemble Pay Day a lot. It is also similar to the newly released GTA 5 which has an online heist mode. If pitted against each other, EA’s version should be more competitive, huge and impressively realistic because it is being built on a game engine that is known for its excellent gameplay experience.

With so much to look forward to, it is no wonder the upcoming Battlefield Hardline has generated strong interest among the player community and will play an integral role in changing the face of the franchise. It will also feature an extensive single player campaign which has so far been the weak end for the EA game but with Visceral games working on it now, there is a good chance that they might come up with a story that sells.

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