Don’t Waste Money to Make Calls When You Have Free Voice Calls Apps

Communicating with people across the globe has become very easy with free voice call apps that are available.

Most of these apps can be used on both computers and smartphones. These apps have various interesting features that you can explore to help you decide which app best meets your needs. It is a good idea to look up for online reviews of various free voice call apps before you make your choice.

Some Popular Free Voice Call Apps

Almost all of the well-known free voice call apps are platform independent. They work well on any platform such as Windows, Android and iOS. The following are some of the various voice call apps that are known to be quite popular among people:


Among the most popular free voice call apps available, Line is an app that is widely used by people across most parts of the world. Apart from making free voice calls, this app also allows you to send free messages and voice calls. You can avail the free service throughout the day for any length of time. A key feature that makes this app much sought after is that international calls are also free.


This app allows you to send free messages through chat to your buddies and business contacts around the globe. It also allows you to make free voice and video calls to other people in the same network. However, calls to other networks are charged a nominal fee from Skype credit. You can also arrange for conference calls using Skype. Interestingly, this is one of the first free voice call apps to introduce the concept of voice calls.


This mobile application is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. It also works equally well on most Nokia, Android and Blackberry devices. You can access Viber on a 3G or a Wi-Fi network. Unlike most free voice call apps, no registration process is required to use this app. Once you have downloaded the app, you will receive an access code to activate the app. Your phone number is used as your identity.


The key advantage of choosing Talkatone over other free voice call apps is that all calls made using this app are free anytime you use it. Calls to numbers within and outside the network are not charged. This way, you can save many valuable cell minutes. However, at present, you can use Talkatone to make calls only within the United States.


Like many other free voice call apps, only calls within the same network are free. You can enjoy a one-to-one friendly talk with your buddy and organize for a team meeting with your colleagues. This app can also be used to schedule appointments.

Most free voice call apps allow you to make free calls within the same network. Calls to other networks are charged. However, the prices are often quite reasonable.  Moreover, it is worth noting that it may not be feasible to install all the free voice call apps available. You can consider discussing with your friends or acquaintances and find out which app they use. Installing the same app that they use can help enjoy long conversations with your loved ones without being apprehensive of burning your pocket.

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