Cut the Rope 2 Top 5 Tricks, Tips and Cheats to Help You Pass Levels

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There are many ways you can play Cut the Rope game and that’s the part which makes it such a popular game. Today we’re going to give you some tricks, tips and cheats to help you pass levels easier.

1. There are many ways to feed an Om Nom

Most of the levels will have more than one way to feed an Om Nom. This is the part that makes this game so fun! You will rarely find a level that has only one way to finish it. However, if you see a level which can be done in multiple ways, you will want to retry it a few times in order to see in what way you will get the highest score.

2. Unlock additional levels in every stage

In Cut the Rope 2, there are 20 levels for each stage but you can unlock 5 additional levels by finding all the medals in that level pack or by finding the missing shamrocks. However, these levels can be unlocked with real money, costing you 0.99 dollars to unlock the same additional levels/stage.

3. Get a good time for a better score

It’s easy to get three stars in every level. However, it is somehow difficult to get top scores. And as we told you in the first tip, a level can be finished in many ways. Your score gets higher depending on how fast you finish the level, so you will want to find a fast way to finish it in order to get that desired high score.

4. “Train” by restarting levels as often as you can

To get better and better in this game, you will need to train by restarting levels and go though them all over again. This way, you will find many ways to finish a level and at the same time you will become quicker, which will help you to get a better score.

5. Use the helper items

Sometimes it may be hard to pass a level without using the helper items. In case you can’t pass a level, see what helper items you have and think of the one that can help you pass the level.

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