Clash of Clans – Tweaks and Updates in May 2014

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The first sign of a successful or even thriving game is that it keeps being updated every now and then.

Clash of Clans, a leader in mobile gaming right now, is one such game that you can surely expect to be tweaked and updated every few months. From a simple war game, Clash of Clans has certainly come a long way. After the recent major update that saw the introduction of Clan Wars, Clash of Clans has some more updates to make your game super interesting. Here’s what May 2014 brings for you and this game.

The Update

While Supercell hasn’t really divulged the details of the offered updates, they have released a teaser trailer to show players, what they can expect. Some of the updates showed in the trailer will be included in the game immediately, while others will come eventually, as the game is ready for them. Players, of course, are immensely hopeful of getting something as major as Clan Wars in this major update. It is true that the trailer also appears to have enhanced graphics, something that players are always looking forward to. More details about the update are expected soon, when Supercell will make an official announcement, recounting everything that you can expect from the update.

What to Expect?

In a recent tweet, the game developers have revealed the introduction of the ability to dismiss Clan Castle troops in your war base, when you no longer need their services. This may mean that your troops will no longer simply die once you do not need them, but can be returned, thus making Clan Wars a completely separate entity altogether. The graphics of the game will also get a facelift. If you have seen the teaser trailer, you would be able to check out the improved goblins that are seen making their way out. The goblins look much different than before. Another simple change that will come is in the Clan War Matchmaking. Players had been requesting Supercell to include a feature that would allow them to see if matchmaking is in progress. Supercell listened, and now players can see a chat notification every time the clan leader or co-leader starts matchmaking for clan wars. This would allow clan members to start preparing themselves for war much before they actually get the war notification.

What Does the Future Hold?

From whatever could be gathered from the teaser trailer and developers’ tweets, it is expected that this update will bring a lot of important improvements and addition of features that would improve the overall game experience. If you are someone who has been enjoying the game, you can be sure to continue it for much longer. The developers at Supercell are always trying to give you new and improved experiences so that the game does not become repetitive or boring and this is something that works hugely in its favor. So at the end of the day, you will definitely enjoy having a good time when you are playing Clash of Clans.

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