Clash of Clans – Top 5 Advanced Attack Tactics and Tips

Today we’re going to share with you some tactics that will help you succeed in Clash of Clans.

1. Gather as much information as you can in 30 seconds

When you are trying to raid a village, you will have 30 seconds to decide if you are going to attack or not that village. In those 30 seconds, you will have to focus and see your opponent’s strength and weakness. Every time you raid a village, you should try to find Clan Castle and Heroes Altar locations and plan somehow to lure the heroes out of the altar. Since “Hidden Tesla” is a defensive tower which stays hidden, you should try to spot a 2×2 empty space (where it is possible that this tower will be).

This way you will know from which side you should attack, how many troops you will need and how many wall breakers you will use.

2. Try getting troops and Heroes outside of the base

In order to be more effective, you should try to lure Clan Castle troops and Heroes outside of the base, so in that way, you will fight them without having to worry about the defensive towers from their base. Find a corner where you will not be bugged by any defensive buildings and kill them using your Archers and Barbarians. In case the castle is somewhere in the middle of the base and it’s too difficult to lure them, you can spare one Lightning Spell.

3. Use Barbarians to “clear” Spring Traps

A good tactic is by sending some Barbarians to clear the path by Spring Traps in order to avoid your Giants to be killed. These kinds of traps are usually placed where your opponent’s base looks very weak.

4. Use Archers to destroy unprotected buildings

Take a look at your opponent’s defensive and see which buildings are vulnerable. After that, send your Archers to attack them without any risk of dying.

5. Combination of troops you should use

The combination of troops will vary from one attack to another. However, a normal troop combo is to send 1-2 Giants as a “decoy” along with Wall Breakers in order to open the 1st wall. After that, send Archers and Barbarians for some extra damage, along with some Giants so you can cause more distraction. Then, you can send Wall Breakers to destroy the second wall layer, followed by more Barbarians, Archers and Giants.

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