Clash of Clans Mobile Game Updates in App Store and Google Play Store

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Clan Wars Update

Clash of Clans is one of the highest grossers in the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The popular mobile game received its biggest ever update with new features that make it even more addictive than ever before, with the Clan Wars. This new update allows players to combat with other players in real time.

According to Supercell, the developer, this is the biggest update for the game, as clan vs. clan battles is now possible. In addition, the clan castles will be able to hold on to the money that they have won through these clan battles, as against the previous gameplay where they were only able to hold on to a small back up army. Players can also upgrade the Clan Castle to the level 6. This will help them hold on to bigger donated armies as well as more gold and more elixir.

While attacking, players will also be able to access gem boxes that keep popping up on the maps. The update is available for free download for Android devices and iOS devices.

Introducing War Base Layout – Features

Effective from May 14th 2014, Supercell has also introduced another new update with the War Base Layout along with the Mode for War Base Exit for the Clash of Clans. These new features were added to the game on 14th May. Along with the above mentioned features, the new update will also offer enhancements related to the interface and the stats of the game, adding greater depth to this already popular game.

Users will be able to create their separate layouts in connection with the War Base. The feature remains unchanged even after the war and players do not need to act on it after every war. In addition, the Edit Mode for the War Base is also available to players but they can access it only on the preparation day, because it will remain locked on the battle day.

Once the upgrade is done, players can toggle from the War Base to the village.

Boost for Stats

The above War Base upgrade will also enable a boost for the stats, due to the addition of new features. This will enable replays in case of heroic victories and feature defense for the War Stats. The Blue Star button has also been enhanced, showing stats related to the war. With this new update, players can dismiss the troops that are donated towards the Clan Castle, if you are not satisfied with them.

The matchmaking will provide views of the chat activities of the clan to the players. They can also view numbers in the war map, enabling improved identification and the Notification can be seen only once when the war preparation is going on. The blue star button is now fitted with information on improved Clan war and stats and not merely general clan statistics.

Players can now access detailed information related to the total war attacks and defenses as well as war stars that have been won by the members of these Clans in the information pages.

Improvements in the Interface

Russian language has been added to the interface and the village-editing mode can now be availed in the Town Hall 3. Improvements have also been made to the screen button layout for start war and for the behavior. The update fixes bugs found in capacity of spell factory. The Edit Mode will remove the issues presented in the War Base layouts.

Players can also earn 5000 gems by taking part in the Karaoke contest for the Clan Wars, making their own Hogrider video.

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