Clash of Clans – Best Attacking & Defending Strategies


1. Lure your enemies to your weaker troops

You don’t want your main damage dealer troops to be attacked right away and to die without doing any damage. Instead of that, try luring them with low level troops away from the main buildings of the village so you can “steal” their goods without being interrupted.

2. Main Strategy

The main strategy of this game is to put your defensive buildings in range of your gold and elixir storages. These will be a pain when the enemy will want to get the goods from you. However, you can somehow counter this strategy if you send a few golems or giants. While they approach the wall, deploy a few wall breakers too. The defensive units will target the big units so your breakers will destroy the wall freely.


1. Confusing Breakers

The breakers will attack the nearest building to them. A good strategy is to put your builder huts outside of the base and surround these buildings with walls. That will make the breakers hit them first, buying you some time.

2. Use Spring Traps & Bombs

Design your base in a way that you can trick the player to deploy some troops where he thinks it’s the weakest point of your village. Place your springs traps and bombs to these “weak” points, in order to surprise your attacker. A smart placing of these kinds of traps can win you many battles.

Clash of Clans is a strategy type of game, so you will always have to think twice before doing something in this game.


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