Candy Crush Saga – What Attracts People to Download and Play?

Candy Crush Saga has been a crowd puller since its inception and is a trendy game on the android play store.

It has captivated the interest of millions of game lovers and is fast growing as the most popular game on the android store. The game’s steady growth can be attributed to a number of factors like its attractive interface, simple controls, innovative concept and the interesting use of colors throughout the game. As a result of these, the game has attracted people of all ages, including kids, teens, youth and the elders too.

The game, conceptualized by the game maker, is fast striking the chords of success in the gaming world and overshadowing the presence of other games on the app stores. The makers have taken care of the details of the game, while keeping it simple for all users. They have revamped an older video game version of the same game and embellished it with innovative patterns and shapes, which have made it more enticing and illustrative to gamers. Not only this, the entire interface has been changed and the game has become much more attractive and lively as compared to the earlier version of the same. What keeps the users glued to Candy Crush Saga for hours? What makes crushing candies so addictive? Read on to know…

The 5 Life Policy with New Additions at Each Level

One feature that keeps the gamers interested in the game is the policy of endowing 1 life to the user every 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 5 lives at one continued play. The addition, of new challenges and features, at each of the different levels, also retains the interest of Candy Crushers to a large extent. They are curious to unravel the surprise that is present in the next higher level, which they can see only after completing the present level. But if they lose all their lives successively in one level, they have to wait for some more minutes before they can earn a life and resume play. This wait is fun and motivating for the players as they are never completely ousted from the game. Unless they have lost all 5 lives, they are still in the game. It is like self accomplishment.

The makers have ensured that the users find something new at each level, whether it is the concept of level, the techniques of overcoming it or addition of new candies and patterns. The quest to explore higher levels and discover what’s new in them is one surefire reason why people are attracted to the Candy Crush Saga.

A Large number of Levels

The game has so many levels that people cannot even fathom. It depends on your competency to see how far you reach in the levels. Your friends may be at one level, which you haven’t reached yet. So, that gives you another reason to play and reach that level. The great number of levels keeps the competition strong and the game loyalists glued in. The levels have been stacked as a path on a journey and each path is laid out attractively, with interesting backgrounds and scenes.

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