Candy Crush Saga – Top 5 Tips, Tricks and Cheats for 2014

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games played on iOS or Android. Today we’re going to give you top 5 tips, tricks and cheats that will help you succeed in this game.

1. The “Bottom” is your friend

Always start crushing candies from the bottom, because the upper candies will start dropping which is a high possibility to make a “cascade” effect and you will get some “free” moves.

2. Use the +5 candy

You can make a candy crush chain using a +5 candy. This will also bring get you 5 extra seconds to the time trial of the level. You can check if the game is “clear the jelly” or “time trial”, by looking on the small icon located in the left corner lower side.

3. Always plan your moves

Every time you start a new level, take a look and see a way to finish as soon as possible. You can also take breaks between moves, which will make your “life” easier.

4. “Control” the Chocolate

If you don’t eat a piece of chocolate one round, it will regenerate the next round. Control it by getting a bite from it each round. You can also clear the board of chocolate by using this strategy in the earlier levels. However, in higher levels there will be the “chocolate maker” that will bring them back.

5. Free extra lives

If you don’t use Facebook for extra lives, there is a glitch that was used for a long time. To get more lives, you will need to set your device’s clock with two hours forward and you will get 4 extra lives on Candy Crush Saga.

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