Candy Crush Saga – Top 5 Crushing Enemies Tips

1. Mix two Color Bombs together

Mixing two color bombs will clear your board, bringing you a good amount of points. Aim for this great combo as often as you can.

2. Game Tips

The tips that the game gives you, are not always the best suggestions for you. Study the board carefully and resort to those suggested moves as a last instance, since they can really mess up your game sometimes.

3. Licorice and Locked candies are bad

Keep an eye on those levels where you stumble upon pieces of licorice or locked candies. You want to clear them as soon as possible using your striped candy combos.

4. Focus on Striped Candies

Stripped candies can clear a column or a row of candies. While horizontal striped candies will clear the row left and right, the vertical ones will clear the row below and above them.

5. Get Three Stars

Most of the Candy Crush Saga players get only two-stars, while others will try to get three stars even on hard levels. In order to get the best score in a level, you will want to watch the star meter which is located on the left side of the game’s board.

Always aim for three stars because they’ll reflect the final score.

6. Switch from your mobile device to your computer

When you finish your lives on Candy Crush Saga on your mobile, you can go to your computer and continue there, where you’ll find a collection of lives.

You can also ask for lives from your Facebook friends using the mobile application, but if none of your friends are online, this is a good alternative.


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