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How many hours do you spend on Facebook daily?

When we were trying to compute some statistics, we found that almost everyone who spends time on Facebook, is likely to play Candy Crush Saga as it is definitely one of the most popular games.

What Is The Game All About?

If you are one of those few who have not played this game before, we will familiarize you with what this game has to offer. Candy Crush Saga is termed by many as one of the sweetest games you will find on Facebook. It revolves around the concept of crushing candies. You will have a different set of objectives in various levels and you need to fulfill them in order to progress to the next one.

The graphics of the game have been applauded by everyone because of the kind of perfection that one can find in them. The developers of the game are aware of the kind of competition that exists in the world of gaming, and this is the reason they do not believe in being complacent.

Change Is The Order Of The Day

When you play Candy Crush Saga, you will find that there are changes which are incorporated from time to time. You will be impressed by the type and amount of changes that come up. The developers keep on adding new levels, and are always working hard to come up with ways to keep the gamers entertained.

You can now enjoy this game infinitely because there is no end to the number of levels you can reach. Although, the game becomes really difficult past a certain level, but if you are a Candy Crush Saga addict, you are not likely to give up easily.

Not just the levels, there are various other changes that are incorporated to the game. Even the best games tend to get monotonous if there is nothing new in them. The developers of Candy Crush Saga could assess the situation and read it very well and this is the reason they decided to add the right changes in a timely manner.

The Addition Of Dream World

When the dream world was incorporated in this game, it excited too many gamers. It is entirely another segment in the game, with slightly different dynamics to take care of. You need to balance the owl to prevent the game from finishing. Even in the dream world, you can play many levels and it does offer the much needed wave of change.

Further, you have the daily bonus which comes in extremely handy when you are stuck at levels. If you hit the jackpot, you can be hopeful of clearing the level you might have been stuck on for ages. The fact that you get free gifts everyday by spinning the wheel apart from the ones sent by your friends makes this game extremely enjoyable.

As far as the list of changes and new updates are concerned, there are too many points that deserve a mention. You can update your app on the android or even the Apple store to enjoy the latest features in this game. Check out the game and you are likely to be addicted to it.

As it is free to play, you should at least try your hands at this game once. There is a high chance that the delicious and delectable candies and the adorable graphics are going to get you addicted to this game. No doubt, you have other options at hand and you are free to pick the ones you want to play.

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