Can You Really Give Adobe Flash Player 12 a Miss?

A web browser allows you to surf the internet.

Now, the internet is an agglomeration of various pages that contain things like text, videos, graphics, pictures, audios, Java applets and other multimedia applications. A web browser is just treated as software; it is more like a television set which just projects what it receives; the actual work of receiving the data and loading it into the web browser is done by other programs. One such program is the Adobe Flash Player 12.

What Does It Do?

Adobe Flash Player 12 allows you to load multimedia applications in the web pages that you have requested. The Flash Player integrates with the web browser and whenever a page is requested from it, the Flash player receives it, decodes the data on it which relates to multimedia and then loads the entire page for the viewer to see.

How Does It Help You?

The multimedia applications that require Adobe Flash Player are based on Adobe Flash base. These include videos, audios and graphics which require a Flash to comprehend the extension and convert it into browser compatible form. The file extension SWF is also a Flash compatible file which can be opened only by a Flash player. Having Adobe Flash Player in your system is beneficial because:-

  • Most multimedia in web pages nowadays is Flash compatible and hence it requires Adobe Flash player to open those files correctly.
  • Flash is increasingly used as it is simple to implement, easier to program and less time-taking while decoding. So, the applications can be loaded quickly into the memory when required.
  • Some file extensions, like SWF files, can be opened only by using Adobe Flash Player as they are created in that environment. Flash Player ensures that such files load without any errors.
  • A number of audio extensions also require Flash Player for proper loading and playback.

Therefore, to ensure proper loading of web pages in the web browser and to work seamlessly while using the internet, it is imperative that a Flash Player must be pre-installed in the browser. Adobe tops the list in terms of effectiveness of the Flash Player and hence Adobe Flash Player is often the default choice for most people while installing a flash player.

Brand Counts

Besides other things, Adobe Flash Player has the trust and brand name of Adobe, which ensures high quality with the least number of glitches. Adobe has been a market leader in software products and has made a niche for itself in this segment. The Adobe Flash Player 12 is one product from the Adobe stable which matches the name and quality of Adobe.

The Adobe Flash Player 12 can be easily downloaded from the internet and installed for free. This is yet another reason for the software becoming very popular among people. With new improvements being made and updates being brought in, the Adobe Flash Player is likely to change for the better in the coming years.

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