Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – New Game Changing Features

After viewing the trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, it is clear that the first person shooter game is bringing in many new features and is going to be a game changer.

There are, of course, still many questions that are not answered, like whether these features will be in a multiplayer format or whether it will affect the balance and so on. Here are some of the new features that will surely get the players excited.

The Exo Suit

The Exo suit is going to play a major role in the gameplay, with respect to combat as well as mobility. The suit has the functionality of offering the player increased strength. It also enables him to jump to longer distances. He may be able to conduct melee attacks from a distance.

Climbing Walls

This feature cannot be compared to the wall running that you saw in Titanfall. However, it is going to bring about a big change in the traversal of the game. The game design gets an added dimension of verticality added to it. It is not sure whether the wall hanging will also be part of the new changes in the game. If this is so, campers can do a lot with such power.

Mech Suit

The player will already have an exo suit and be in it, so if you want to score over another player, you have the mech suit combined with a battling gun. This may not be present in the multiplayer. It is also possible that Sledgehammer Games is planning to make use of this feature as a perk for the multiplayer.

Invisibility Features

Many first person shooter games have already used the feature of camouflage. Invisibility can be used as a perk or a kind of bonus that you have to unlock, but it surely has a lot of possibilities.

Infrared Grenades

The game introduces infrared grenades. They might have a limited effect over a limited area. However, such a feature can be very useful in multiplayer, as the player will be able to see through the walls using this.

Light Net Power

The Light Net has the power of detecting the movement of the enemy. It will surely be able to scan the nearby terrain. It can also have other benefits, for instance, it can be used for detecting mines and equipment present in the surroundings.

Cover for Deployment

You can deploy a cover anywhere and this will be very useful for surviving in the battlefield. It will also become very difficult to score points, as the opponent will be able to use his cover for defending his flat and even set up a sniper spot for himself.


It seems much easier to get from one point to another using the Hoverbikes. The bikes look very powerful and also deadly, especially when they hurl bullets on someone in the way. This feature might bring about one of the big changes in the game.


Drones have been seen earlier in the franchise, but unmanned vehicles are being given more focus in Advanced Warfare. Groups of drones are being used in single player parts of the game and maybe, even in multiplayer games.

Spider Tanks

Spider tanks have also been seen in the trailer for Advanced Warfare. It has the capability of terrorizing those nearing it. It is not clear whether this feature will be present in the multiplayer. Yet, it will surely be thrilling to see a speedy hover bike move up against a powerful spider tank.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey will be the force behind the campaign for Advanced Warfare. It will be exciting to see what an actor of his caliber will be able to bring to the game. He is playing the role of a villain and players are surely in for a treat.

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