Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Is About Realism, Says Game Director

For avid first person shooter fans, Call of Duty needs no introduction because the franchise has been a part of the gaming industry for over a decade.

It used to be in serious competition against the Medal of Honor series in the world war setting but as time changed, its competitor lost the sheen. However, Activision didn’t lose grip and decided to change their strategy, which worked out. The team at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games came out with one of the cult classic title Modern Warfare that changed the games as we see it today.

“The upcoming Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be no different,” says Michael Condrey. He is the cofounder of Sledgehammer Games and plays an integral role in developing the upcoming game that is slated to hit multiple platforms this November. Speaking to a magazine’s interviewer, he revealed that the COD games are extremely realistic when compared to other futuristic sci-fi titles, which is why it stays ahead of competition all the time. Even though the franchise touched a lot of future weapons in Black Ops 2, it didn’t deviate to the level of Star Wars or introduce something extraordinary like a mech that will change the face of the battle.

Call of Duty Stays Grounded

Sharing more of his views, Condrey said, “For so many years, Call of Duty resonates because the game stays grounded. The setting, storyline and characters look believable. Players can easily relate themselves to it and it is one of the biggest strengths that the franchise has retained over the years.” He added that the team did an extensive research on some of the futuristic weapons that the military uses in different countries. It was surprising to see that many of them being used now are seriously high tech and at this rate, they will definitely be using peripherals found in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in 2054. While Black Ops 2 was set in 2024, the upcoming game will be a lot different from everything that players have already seen in the title. It takes place in the year 2054 but the cofounder says that they will always stay away from science fiction that players can’t relate themselves with. The icons of sci-fi will not be a part of the upcoming title as well as any sequel that the game studio may release in the next two years.

Sequel and a Wii U Version

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is yet to be release and is a good couple of months away. However, the team has already planned to release a sequel. The story line and setup of the title was written with longevity in mind. It obviously means that the studio would like to extend it further and continue adding more elements to it, which might make it the next Modern Warfare or that’s what we hope to see. Meanwhile, a rumor suggests that the game is coming to Wii U but it has not been officially confirmed so far. If it does, it will be delightful news for Nintendo fans who miss AAA third-party titles dearly.

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