Boom Beach – The Big Upgrade and Goodies

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Boom Beach arms its users to storm the hell out of Beaches!

The game focuses on the infamous war against the evil one – Blackguard, by equipping your forces to march against the paradise controlled by the evil enemy. It shows the user unmapped archipelago that the island is, to rescue zillion islanders who are enslaved by the evil one to avail more powers. Your enemies can damage your troops when you are offline and defenseless. But the game lets its users evaluate and analyze the damage done to their own base when they come online.

The game has been developed by Supercell and has brought out its third version for the Apple Operating Systems. It is definitely lush in its greenery captivating and enthralling its gamers to continue venturing out to explore other beaches for the conquests and freedom of the islanders of the respective beaches. The users of the game can enjoy sharing over a community by titling it as their troops and commanding it. It also allows its users to make newer random and stranger friends. In comparison, Clash of Clans instills the same concept and plot akin to Boom beach, owing to its development by the same Creator.

The Big Upgrade

The version 14.57 of the popular game has taken serious consideration of its visual effects and improved its graphics quality, rather drastically. Firstly, Dr. Terror has cloned his replicators to be more efficient. He possesses mass production bases for mines and incredibly tough defense machines. Although, the bonus reward that the gamers used to get after destroying the bases of other users have been deduced in small amounts. The defensive mechanism of Statue Boost time has been decreased to 8 hours, which is strictly a bonus. Also, the gold production income from the rescued Kuval Villages has also met with slight deductions. Using any more than one power powder to boost any one statue will further queue up all the boosts. The Powder Stone Glitter has been removed from the destroyed debris of buildings. The game has also added the incredible bonus of rewarding the winning player with a Special Three Crystal bonus after defeating the top scoring player and destroying his base.


A lot of gamers have stuck down on the game owing to the higher percentage of difficult levels being introduced in the game. This highly addictive game saw some of its players being frustrated with the nearly impossible new upgrades that not just made it extremely difficult, but made the users liable to in-application purchases to progress anyhow in the game. It is only future that can predict if the developers heed to these frustrations and sacrifice their advertisements and money minting strategies in order to please its gamers. But, isn’t that the ultimate concept of a game?

A well known game in more than 20 countries, Boom Beach has the potential to challenge some of the top games around the world and establish its own market share. But for that to happen, the focus has to be on the game and not the money!

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