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There was a time when blackberry messenger had a cult following. If you had international friends, you could talk to them for free, if they had BBM. There are too many things that popularized BBM and perhaps, it was the messenger that made Blackberry such a hit among people.

Ever since the likes of WhatsApp became popular, BBM started declining in popularity and so did Blackberry. It was big news when Blackberry messenger was launched for android and iOS platform.

BBM Is No Longer Exclusively On Blackberry

The decision to launch BBM for android and iOS received mixed reviews because it both harmed and helped blackberry. There was criticism among users because BBM is something that will always wear the Blackberry mark.

Releasing it for other platforms did not quite make sense. Further, the timing for the launch could not have been worse either. BBM was launched at the time WhatsApp had already established its firm foothold.

As people were already hooked to apps like WhatsApp, BBM died a slow, painful death. There was an initial craze among users to download the app so that they too could get a taste of what it felt like to use BBM, which was until now exclusively reserved for Blackberry users. However, once the initial craze and hype died down, people hardly used BBM any longer. It didn’t make sense to talk to the same people on different platforms and thus BBM never managed to make the kind of impact that Blackberry developers thought it would.

The Privacy of Your Contact Number

Perhaps, by far one of the best features offered by Blackberry was the fact that your contact number stays safe. You can use your BBM pin and you do not need to share your contact number for making a call. This is an excellent feature which makes it easier for those who are skeptical of sharing their numbers.

Did The App Work Fine?

Initially, when BBM was released on Android and iOS, it had to be withdrawn owing to the huge number of downloads. Soon, we could find a flurry of fake apps flooding the app store. However, Blackberry came back again after resolving the messenger’s bugs and the app was made available for people to use.

There were a huge number of downloads and many users were found sharing their BBM pin. However, like we said before, the hype lasted only for a few days and people soon reverted back to WhatsApp for staying connected.

Yet, as far as the technicalities are concerned, the app did work fine and there was absolutely no problem with its operation. Both android and Apple users can still enjoy BBM, if they want to, as it is no longer an app which is exclusive to the Blackberry family.

You get nearly all the same features as that offered by WhatsApp and the fact that it is available for free means that you should try it out at least once.

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