Battlefield Hardline Beta Review – The Same Shooter in a Different Skin

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If you have already been invited to play the beta version of Battlefield Hardline, then you don’t have too many reasons to read this review.

Any sensible gamer will instantly realize that the game is nothing but the same Battlefield that we have known for years, but just sports a new skin – cops and robbers. But, the problem with the game is that you hardly feel the difference between being a robber and an opposition team in a military. It’s all the same where you gun down your opponents and instead of conquering flags; you pick up a pile of cash to deliver them to another truck. That doesn’t make much of a difference, right? If EA thinks that the game will deliver a new experience into this genre where Pay Day is extremely famous, they might have got it all wrong this time around.

The Gameplay

Visually, the game looks downgraded but that is common with all beta versions of the titles. They will usually reduce the graphics so that it runs properly and is capable of handling the weight of hosting millions of players at once. After all, when the beta goes live, people usually jump on to see how good the game is, whether they plan to buy it or not. So, obviously the number of players on-board will be higher which will strain the servers to a great extent. Don’t expect much graphics, irrespective of the platform, because most players on forums confirmed that the game looks very mediocre at the moment.

It is the gameplay that matters; but alas! Battlefield Hardline fails in this area as well, because it is too much Battlefield. Some players may question as to what else you expect from a game that already has BF in its root but this isn’t a new experience and it’s rather the same game being marketed with a different skin. When it comes to BF4 or BF3, you can at least blend with the environment, because it is a military shooter and a good one at that.

No Logic Found Here

You are a robber but you will be equipped with a parachute so that you can jump off buildings. The cops will be extremely aggressive in Battlefield Hardline where they have shotguns, RPGs and grenades that will put an actual soldier to shame. The entire city is deserted which is justified during the loading screen that it has been vacated because of the heist in progress, really? Anyone who loved Battlefield 4 will find themselves at ease because the guns shoot the same and instead of tanks, there are armored cars and police vehicles to drive. The bikes are quick and offer an agile mode of transport to escape.

Everything feels and looks like BF but if they are the same, why would players want to pay another $60 to play a game with a new skin? With Battlefield 4 having two more DLCs to be out and having already invested, it’s a far cry for Hardline to justify itself as a new game. It might have sold if it was the sixth DLC for BF4.

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